Coin Specifications

Core Specification

Coin name: Novacash
Coin abbreviation: NOVA
Planned Exchange Symbol: NOVAC (NOVA already taken)
Address letter: N

Block Type: Proof-of-Stake (POS)
Algorithm: (Quark)
Block size: 2 MB
Block Time: 60 seconds (re-targeting every block)
Transactions per second: 173 TPS (current theoretical maximum)
Mine-able: No
Stake-able: Yes (Earn block reward from coin ownership)
Masternode Support: Yes, 10,000 NOVA coins per masternode needed
Supernode Support: Yes, 5,000,000 NOVA coins per supernode needed

Default Wallet Ports
P2P Port: 15548
RPC Port: 15547


10,000,000,000 NOVA coins were created at launch. There is no classical mining (e.g. Bitcoin) in Novacash because mining is a waste of resources! Many other popular coins like Ripple (XRP), Stellar (XLM), Neo (NEO) or NEM (XEM), created all coins at launch. The created coins can be seen as usability tokens, and will be used to pay artists/curators (Creative Commons Sharing Platform "Gallery"), storage providers, etc. Many new features and services will be based on these "pre-created" usability tokens in the near future.

Coin Emission Rate

Block reward: Max. 5 NOVA coins per block (split dynamically between staker and masternode)

Coin Supply Control

Dynamic Coin Supply: ALL transaction fees are burnt.

Maximum Coin Supply

At January 2020: 10,000,049,949

PoS Stake Eligibility (PIV)

UTXO Stakeability: 600 confirms
Post-Stake Re-Maturity: 100 confirms
Wallet Status: Requires core wallet to remain online and unlocked for staking.

Transaction Send Eligibility

Minimum Confirm: 6 confirms

SwiftX Eligibility

Confirmations: 1 for locking and 6 to spend
Collateral held time: 15 minutes

Masternode Network Expiry

Node expiration: 120 minutes
Node removal: 130 minutes

Novacash (NOVA)

The digital cash which supports
Creative Commons!