Run Staking Node (Full Node)


Novacash Core Wallet is the official Novacash full node client. With the Novacash Core Wallet you can send and receive NOVA coins. If you’re running a Novacash Core Wallet, then you have the option to stake your coins and receive staking rewards.

Staking is the process your wallet uses to validate transactions and award you with NOVA coins. When your wallet is staking, it is checking transactions to make sure everyone who sends coins actually owned those coins and had the right to transfer them. If most of the wallets online agree that a transaction is valid, then it gets accepted by the network. This concept of consensus is essential to all digital currencies, and is what keeps the Novacash network secure. As a reward for keeping the network secure, every minute one online wallet is chosen to receive a stake reward on the NOVA coins they own. Whoever has the most "raffle tickets" has the best chance of winning the award.

How to run a full node and receive staking rewards?

  1. Download a pre-compiled wallet for your specific operating system from the download section.
  2. Run your wallet.
  3. In order to stake, ensure that your wallet is unlocked via the settings menu if it is encrypted. Your wallet will not stake if it is locked. If your wallet is not encrypted, (but it should be for safety!) you obviously do not need to unlock it first. By keeping your wallet open, it will stake automatically.


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